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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Importance of Larking

This post on Bernie DeKoven's FunLog, Intergenerational Playground Larking, has kind of blown me away. There's always been a feeling that play is important for your health, but this post shows scientific evidence that it helps for old people to play in playgrounds.
[...] a "team at Rovaniemi Polytechnic [Finland] [or is that "Funland"?] studied one group of 40 people, aged between 65 and 81, and found there were significant improvements in balance, speed and co-ordination after just three months of larking about on the climbing frames and play equipment.
After a bout of working on the job weekends and nights in ways that did not feel like play at all, this post reminds me I better get back onto the playground, and soon!